Brazilian Jiu-jitsu For Kids

Our specialized Kids Classes at Jitsu Academy CT focus on fostering physical fitness, mental sharpness, and ethical development in a fun and safe environment. Under the guidance of our skilled instructors, children learn the core principles of BJJ through interactive drills and exercises designed to empower and educate. Kickstart your child’s journey to self-improvement and resilience today!

All Levels

We aim to keep kids physically and socially active as they bond and have fun with new friends in a positive and nurturing environment. 

Enrolling your children in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu promotes self-respect and respect for others, self discipline, increases your child’s level of self-confidence, and teaches problem solving techniques, all while giving them the ability to protect and defend themselves.

Kids Competition Class

Is your little Jiu-Jitsu practitioner ready to take their training to the next level? Jitsu Academy CT offers a Kids’ Competition Class.

This is not a beginner’s class. It is targeted to those students who are planning to compete in a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition.

Make your child bully-proof

Jitsu Academy can help Make Your Child Bully-Proof by teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques that will neutralize an opponent without using punches or kicks.

Our classes are designed for children to learn self-defense, gain confidence, discipline, and respect for others. Bring your child to one of our locations and let them try a Kids Class to help Make Your Child Bully-Proof!

What they’re Saying

Parent Testimonials

Signing our kids up for Jitsu Academy was honestly one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made as parents. Our son joined 5 years ago, and now all three of our children (12, 9, and 5) are taking classes. We have tried/are a part of so many other sports communities, and none of them compare to the atmosphere and bond that they share with their Jitsu Academy family, and I say family because that’s truly what they have become.

Ashley Linden

My 5 year old son started in the 4-7 year old kids class back in November and he absolutely loves everything about it. The instructors are patient, kind and incredibly knowledgable. The older students and other families are also extremely warm and welcoming to newer students/families. The culture of respect and supportiveness creates such a positive, well-rounded experience for the students. As a parent, it is a true pleasure to witness. We have, and will continue, to highly recommend Jitsu Academy to other kids and families!

Lauren Bush

My children loved the place from the very first class. The classes are well planned and the coaches are professional, patient and know how to work with kids of all ages. Proper attention is paid to the skills, discipline and good sportsmanship. The place provides a unique opportunity to learn new skills, become stronger and have fun in a friendly ambience.

Maria Leivas

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